Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Bakin' - Havin' a Blast!

Summer bakin', happened so fa-ast.
As you know, the summer has been a little slow with cookies...until this past week!!  I had 4 different orders for a total of 13 dozen cookies and a cake.  I have a few pictures to show you from a couple of weeks ago too because I'm a blog slacker. 

You know I love doing the cupcakes!  I suggest them as a great way to say "Happy Birthday!" or "Congratulations!" or "Happy Friday!"  Basically, they're great for any occasion!  These were sent from one friend to another to wish a happy birthday!  I received word that they were thoroughly enjoyed!

I did another set of birthday doggie biscuits for a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Gunner. 
Then I thought to myself and realized I never showed you a picture of the first set I did for Rowdy Roo who turned two! So, here they are!

I was requested to do some cookies for a Pampered Chef party.  I bought a chef's hat cutter for the occasion.  I think they turned out so cute!  For the photo shoot, I felt obligated to display them in a Pampered Chef batter bowl, which happens to be one of my favorite items in the kitchen.  I have both sizes and use them regularly.  They're great because they have handles and come with lids!  (Maybe I should sell Pampered Chef!)  And because I love it so much, I drew one on one of the cookies!  I hope Rebecca and Deborah had a great party!!

I did 8 dozen cookies for Melinda, who was giving them as thank you gifts for the people who helped her with her son's wedding.  Well, 6 dozen were for that and 2 dozen were iced whites so she could enjoy some Sweet B's cookies, too!

I sent some cookies to South Carolina to wish a happy couple congratulations on their recent engagement.  I love the way these turned out!

As for the cake and another 2 dozen cookies, they will be getting their own post.  They are for the annual Family Birthday Extravaganza (FBE) that will be taking place this weekend!  I'm so excited that no one has whooping cough this year and we can have the party as planned.  I'll be sure to give you the whole scoop next week!

As the summer is nearing an end, lots of changes are coming my way. CA starts school on Monday, my last day of nannying is Friday, and I start a new job next Monday.  I will be working in a for-real bakery.  I'm sooo stoked!  Also, my blog is about to get a make-over (if it hasn't already by the time you read this)!!  For Sweet B's, the times they are a-changin!  So, happy changes to me!