Friday, October 15, 2010

The Signature Cookie

So, I kind of have a signature cookie, if you haven't noticed.  It's a tile (square).  And it's doodled upon.  In various variations.  These can be used for a variety of occasions.  I think they're fun because they vary in decor. 
(And yes, the redundancy was purposeful, and mainly for self-amusement.)
Back to the cookies...

In my opinion, these are cookies for any occasion!  And of course, I love doing them.  Cookies and doodles.  Two of my favorite things.
So, as always, I'm happy doodling.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playing With Paisley

I've been wanting to do paisley cookies ever since I started doodling them on this cake (the cake at the very bottom, if you click on the link).  I, also, doodled some on a few Valentine's cookies.  And then - I wanted a paisley cookies cutter.  So, I searched one out and ordered it.  Only to find out that it is actually a fondant cutter and it doesn't have a finished edge, so it kinda hurts to cut out.  Oh, well.  No pain, no gain, right?
But it does have the effect that I wanted!

These were for a beautiful lady's 50th birthday.
And I was right.  I love them.

So, when I had a UGA mom ask me about Phi Mu cookies for her daughter, I immediately suggested the paisleys.  Yes, they are my new favorites.
Do you blame me?
Love them.

I have some paisleys in Yellow Jacket colors (against my better Dawg judgement) waiting to be delivered right now, but you'll have to wait to see those.
No matter the colors, I'm happy baking!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Were We?

I got distracted and haven't been showing you the cookies that I have done recently.  So, to pick up where we left off...
Here are a few baby cookie orders for a couple of new arrivals!
 With every order, I still try out new designs and doodles. 
 Which is why I always bake a few extra, for those designs that didn't quite turn out like I planned.
I have my favorite doodles that I always do, of course.
With these sweet baby girl cookies, I got to do some big sister cookies, too!
The cookie holiday season has begun for me with fun Halloween designs,
so I'm spookily baking along!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good News, Bad News

I burnt my finger tonight...and that's the good news.

One of the blogs I read is Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  She's funny.  And real.  I don't know that I'm that funny, but here's me being real.  I screwed up tonight.  Like majorly.  I'm contemplating changing the title of my blog (and subsequently my future bakery) to Confessions of an Idiot Baker and the bakery will just be The Idiot Bakery.  Because I do idiot things.  A lot.  Some of the things that I call myself an idiot about can be blamed on my clumsiness.  If I were to even begin to tell you about my clumsiness, it would take a huge post (and probably bore you to death or bring you to tears of laughter).  So, I won't do that, I'll just tell you about my hugest Sweet B blunder yet. 

I burnt the cookies. 
(You don't know how much it takes for me to admit this to you.) 
Like, 9 DOZEN cookies. 
There I said it.  Now you know. 
It was my first time baking in a commercial oven.  And instead of doing the smart thing and only baking a few for a test run, I baked all 4 sheet pans full that I had just spent the last hour and 15 minutes cutting out. 
Hindsight.  It bites you in the...
Oh, well.  I chalk it up for lessons learned.  The hard way, of course.  That seems to be how I like to learn my lessons.

So, no pictures.  I can't bare the sight of the casualties of my idiocy.
Maybe one day...but right now, the loss still stings. 
I cling to the hope that one day I'll be able to laugh at this. 
But right now, it makes me cry. 

But tomorrow is a new day.  And I get to bake 9 more dozen cookies...

PS.  I don't always think I'm an idiot.  I just do idiot things...and can admit them!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dream Big

So, when I started working at VeryVera, I had no idea that within 2 months, my cookies would be for sale in the cafe. 
Well, bust my buttons, dreams are coming true. 
Right now, I'm just taking orders in the cafe.

I'm so excited to be associated with a woman like Vera.  She started catering out of her home 26 years ago and has grown the company into a successful cafe, catering, gourmet-to-go and mail-order business and the company is still growing!  Recently, Vera won a Throw Down with Bobby Flay on the Food Network, her casseroles can now be seen in Costco freezers and her cakes are being sold through a national restaraunt supply company. 
I hope to soak up all I can while working for her company!
And one of the first things that Vera has taught me is...dream big.
Stay tuned to see what's in store for Sweet B's.
And I'm happy dreaming!