Friday, December 2, 2011


Go, Sweet B(ay)...
...It's yur burthday...
...and yur bloggin' like it's yur burthday.

In case you weren't sure - yes, I am a dork. 
But a sweet one!
Just wanted to share some fun Christmas cookies with you on my birthday!  (Yes, it really is my birthday!)
I stuck with a few designs from last year, but have added lots of new ones!! And a new flavor!
For your enjoyment, here's the new Mocha Peppermin-tini!

Chocolate sugar cookie with peppermint icing.

Ornaments!  I got really excited about these because I get to doodle on them like my Easter Eggs!

Check out the cute new mittens!

I can just picture these snowmen dancing around in the snow!

There are 2 of each design going into the Sweet Cheer Jar (seen below).  Perfect for a hostess gift or teacher or neighbors!
 Cookies make a great addition to a bottle of wine or a perfect gift topper!
So, if you need to pick up a couple, stop by Neapolitan Cupcake Shoppe in Augusta or downtown Aiken or VeryVera!!
Or if you need a dozen or more, or personalization, email me at!