Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pan Shots

So, lately, I've been bad about not taking pictures of my cookies, which in turn means I don't have great pictures to post on the blog...hence, this post consisting only of "pan shots". No glitz, no glamour - just cookies. Without further ado - I give you pink lobsters.  (squeel!!)

I picked up several new cutters the other weekend when I was down in Beaufort, SC...one of them was a lobster and I was pretty stoked about it.  So, when a friend of mine wanted some cookies for a friend's birthday and said it didn't matter what shape, I *jokingly* suggested lobsters.  She said it was fine as long as they were girly - so I put bows on them!  Hahaha! 

These were used to give the "scoop" on a new arrival! 

These were for a new baby cookie jar. I never thought I would enjoy using grey icing so much!

These were for an event held at the Home Depot in Aiken, SC....the assistant manager and coordinator of the event said, when she saw them, "they brought a smile to my stressed out week!".  And that email brought a smile to my stressed out week!

Thanks for putting up with my "pat shots" and I'll try to do better!


  1. Those Home Depot cookies are amazing! And I LOVE the lobsters!!! And that grey is amazing! I want a grey cookie!!! What can I say, I just love all your cookies!!!!

  2. Love the cookies and the shiny pans! How do you keep them so pretty?

  3. Joy- thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks!!
    Terri - the pans just haven't been used enough! Haha! I'm kind of embarassed by the shininess!

  4. How did I not know you were blogging until now?! Love it! You're work is incredible as always! :)

    1. Probably because I haven't done it in so long! Ha! I'll have to check you out too...