B is for Bethany, C is for cookie

So, if you enjoy Sweet B's cookies as much as this sweet face, let me know - in writing!
“Bethany, the cookies were a wonderful hit. She loved them. She went on & on about how beautifully they were packaged, how detailed the cookies were. She said - I just knew they wouldn't taste good because they were too pretty. She said - oh my, they were delicious. Thank you so very much!” - Kelli

“Thanks so much for our Pampered Chef cookies. Everyone loved them and they tasted AMAZING!!” -Rebecca

“They were SO good (and I'm really not easily impressed).” -Macey

“I love my cookies! They are just adorable!” -Kim

“Got them!! Thanks. They are delicious!” -Amy

“You made a DELICIOUS cake and yummy cookies for one of our parties a couple months ago, and we absolutely loved them!!” -Lauren

“I wanted to thank you for the delicious cookies you gave me on the last day of school, they were absolutely yummy!!!” -Tammy

“Thanks so much, Bethany! The cookies are beautiful and wonderful!!!! We are grateful for your talent...” -Carol

“My moms both loved the cookies!! Thanks for making their Mother's Day special! I can't wait to get my hands on my iced whites! :)” -Kristen