Monday, June 21, 2010

Ode to Dad

I did a special post for Mother's Day, so of course, I can't leave the dads out.  (And yes, I realize I'm a day late.  I just got back from vacation, sorry!) 
My dad is nearly 58 years old and is the biggest kid I know.  The quote "Show me a day when the world wasn't new" (by Sister Barbara Hance) makes me think of him.  Always having that sense of child-like curiosity.  For example, he's funny to watch when he gets in a new car for the first time.  He has to push all the buttons, open all the compartments, check out all the features.  (Dad and I used to go test drive cars for the heck of it.  It was something we did for entertainment.  We're from a small town.  Don't judge.)  Or while he's enjoying a Sweet B's cookie, he does the dance of joy (which, he says he got his dance of joy from me, but I don't think I've ever moved like that). 
Like all dads, he definitely knows how to annoy me to the point of frustration.  (The usual dad things - stare at me while I'm eating, the age-old pull my finger, etc.)  And he laughs every time I yell, "Da-ad" or his favorite way I exclaim "Buh-dee!" (his name is Buddy).  Well, I've finally caught on.  Now, when he says something just to get a reaction, I react in the way that I know will make him laugh the hardest and we've both met our objectives.  Two can play your game, Dad.  It only took me 28 years to learn the rules. 
Well, I could spend hours telling you the fun stuff about my dad, but onto the cookies.  For years, like lots of other little girls, I gave my dad a tie for Father's Day, but since he doesn't wear that many ties anymore (just for funerals and weddings, he says) I thought he might enjoy cookies instead.  These seem right up your ally, Dad. 
And no worries.  Even though I didn't get this post out until today, I did call my dad yesterday!

Not all dad's are tie-cookie kind of dads.  Like my brother.  (Now, there's another prime example of never wants to grow up.  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)  My bro, Benj, is 6'4", father of four (miss them!), has a professional job, and THE biggest goof-ball you will ever meet.  If you haven't seen the Toyota Swagger Wagon video, check it out.  I swear my brother wrote this for them.  They probably didn't cast him because he was too clumsy when bustin' out his hip-hop moves - and he's got them.  (Think Kevin James in Hitch.)  Well, a few weeks ago I came across Star Wars cookie cutters.  I couldn't pass them up.  Combine Star Wars and my cookies, it might be the nicest thing I've ever done for my brother.  Unfortunately, I sent them to my brother without having a photo shoot, so I've just got my camera phone pix.
No worries though.  I'll being doing them again in August.  The cookies inspired the theme for the annual Family Birthday Extravaganza.  And I'll be making a cake to go along with!
(Now, these character cookies were done in my brother's honor.  I don't want to get into the character cookie business.  I'll just stick to my tiles and flowers!)

I know my dad and brother had a wonderful father's day.  And I hope the dad's in your life did too!

And if you've noticed that I've been a little behind on my blogging, I apologize.  Just trying to get adjusted to the summer nanny schedule.  Hopefully, I'll get it together and be back on track soon!
Until then, happy summer!!


  1. bethany lamb, blamb, you are wonderful, and i look at this all the time, and i miss you, and i love your cookies, and i just... you are lovely :)


  2. Finally! Been waiting a dang week for a post! Hope you had a great vacation! Please don't make me wait another week for a blog post!

  3. Ha! PeyPey, not everyone can be a bloggin' fool like you! Man, you've been popping them out. I'll try not to let it go so long!

  4. Your ties are SO CUTE!!! Love the color combo too! I actually baked some tie cookies, but never got around to decorating them:( I did make mustache cookies though:)

  5. Bethany, your Dad turned me on to your blog. Very cool! All those years of you living at my back door and I never knew you were such a gifted baker! Guess that's a good thing, I'd probably weigh 300lbs now! Keep up the great work, I'll be watching.