Monday, May 24, 2010

Kicking The Summer Off - Cookie-style!

I had quite a variety of cookies last week.  Between graduation, end of school, and ladies night, I added a few more designs to me repertoire.  Here's my week at a glance.

These were for Cade's classmates and teachers.  They got some Sweet B's for Valentine's Day, too!

Katie was graduating from kindergarten and her good friend Jennifer (who also happens to be Cade's mom), wanted to give her some cookies for the special occasion!

 The neighborhood ladies have a Bunco group and my cookies were featured at that latest meeting.  I hope those ladies had fun!

Of course, Carlee Anne had to take end-of-the-year cookies to her 2 wonderful teachers, Mrs. Skelton and Mrs. Adam and her bus driver, Mrs. Painter.  She had a wonderful year and I hope they have a wonderful summer!

I finally tried the baby onesie cutter.  I think they turned out so cute!  Bonnie said she loved them because they looked like little, fat-baby onesies.  And you know we love a chunk-chunk!

I did a few cookies for brand new Baby Sutton.  These were inspired by Sutton's new room - down to the elephant.

Last but not least, Maggie (the family babysitter), graduated from high school on Sunday.  She is now an alumnus from Aquinas High, home of the fighting Irish.  I made this cake for her and her cousin to share with the rest of the family.

And I made these cookies just for Maggie!  She'll be headed to Athens in the fall - she's such a smart girl.
While I was decorating these, I was doing a little bit of the Georgia cheer -
My 1 year-old niece was catching on to the chant real quick.  I knew she was a keeper!

I won't be quite so busy with cookies this week, thankfully.  Bonnie and Stevo are going to Costa Rica, which means I have both the girls by myself for 6 days! 
So, happy aunt-ing to me!


  1. Obviously, you knew I would love that cake, but seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I'm going to have to have a big St. Pat's Day party next year just to have that cake!

  2. I LOVE all of your cookies! The colors are so vibrant and your lettering is the best!

  3. Love the luau cookies and surfboards! Soooo cute!

  4. Are those hibiscus flowers???? Too cute! And, love the surfboard too....