Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Jiggy With It

One of my favorite things that I use to do as a child was make Jello with my mom.  Well, we made Knox blocks.  Not sure why we always made gelatin with Knox instead of J-E-L-L-O.  I know it wasn't because we didn't like Bill Cosby.  (Because that's another childhood warm and fuzzy - watching the Cosby Show.  I imagined me and Rudy being best friends.)  Since I enjoyed making shapes out of the tasty phenomenon called gelatin, I decided to share the experience with my niece.  Now, this does relate to Sweet B's, I promise.  I just wanted to show you what my cookie cutters are doing while on summer vacation. 
They're cutting out Jigglers.  But CA said she wanted to call them "Jello cookies."  Ha!
She was obsessed with cutting out tiny circles and tiny squares.  They were her favorite.  She also cut out a cowboy hat in honor of Woody from Toy Story 3.
I let her pick out any cutters she wanted to use and so she did!  (She's never posed for a picture before, can you tell?  Yeah, right.) 
All the left overs.  Too bad you can't knead it back together and roll it out for more cut-outs like my dough!
She loved them!  I'm not exactly sure how many she ate.  Oh, well. 

You might wonder about the little one I call Turk.  Does she like Jello?
Um, no.
I believe the face says it all. 
Well, maybe she'll come around.

So, no new cookies right now.  I'm still happy nannying!

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  1. They are both so stinking cute!!! Love your posts. They always make me smile! :)