Friday, July 16, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere

When I started this post, I had already had a crazy, productive day.  So, I thought, why not write a post to add to the list of the day's accomplishments.  (Just as a run down - dropped CA at cheer camp, then to Sam's, Kinko's, Michael's, Target, Wolf Camera, downtown to pick something up, the bank, home for a quick lunch, picked up CA from cheer camp, typed up my resume, glanced at a blog or 2, and now here I am seeing how much of a blog I can write while Turk and CA play!!  Wish I was this productive everyday!)  Just wanted to show you some the few orders I've done recently. 

I did 2 sets of new baby cookies. 

I think I love the brown with the baby blue or pink the most.

And I think I've found my favorite name to write on a cookie, so far. 
It starts with an "L", so of course I love it!

These were for a wedding shower.  Hot pink and black - always sassy.

And I had plenty of hot pink icing left over, so I used it for Amy's Iced Whites that she ordered. 
Well, Iced Pinks.

And I didn't forget about America's birthday - I just forgot to blog about it.  Whoopsie.
And as my brother pointed out, I only have 9 states represented on the cookies.  It just wasn't physically possible to put 50 white stars in that small space. 
My friend, Catherine, was over at the house when I was baking the states.  She started to ask me why I was making Masters cookies again.  Ha!

I have a few orders for this coming week that I need to get invoices out to!  I've been slack!
Hope you have a great weekend!  I'll be happy boating at the lake!!


  1. I love the pale blue/pink with the brown too, but I really LOVE your lettering! Awesome!

  2. the blue and brown is my favorite too!
    Really gorgeous work!