Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For the Love of Cookies

Before I get to the cookies, I just wanted to tell you about the Valentine's Day present I bought...for myself.  I've been wanting it for quite some time and decided Valentine's Day was the perfect excuse.  It's a t-shirt.  A t-shirt that says "bakelove".  I'm pretty excited about it.  (If you would like to buy one for yourself or someone that loves to bake, you can click here.)  And now on to the sweets...

If you're wondering what my Valentine's looked like this year, here are some pictures for you.  (I never got to have the photo shoot I had hoped for, so forgive me for the snapshots.)

A work-in-progress shot

 My Boxed Dozen
 Individuals for sale at VeryVera

All in all, I made around 32 dozen hearts (that's 384 cookies, if you do the math) of various sizes and designs.  
 I was quite the busy Sweet B.  And I still have my love for cookies...I'll be showing you more love of cookies soon!

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