Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Bake Love

I would feel guilty if I didn't mention that the bakelove t-shirt that I mentioned in my previous post is brought to you by Bakerella.  A genius.  She has made cake pops famous with her baking blog.  And now even has her own book.  Her site is fun to look at.  If you're not familiar with her, you should take a gander. 

Another one of favorite blogs to look at is i am baker.  I'm am always blown away at her creations.  Usually, when I see her pictures, I say - out loud - "Ri-diii-cu-lousss".  It's ridiculous that amount of talent and creativity this woman has, AND she has a family!  (She has another blog, too, called i am mommy, but the baking one appeals to me more. ha.)  It was on her blog that I saw the idea for this cake I made for a friend of the family for Valentine's Day.  (iambaker did it better, but I still think mine is pretty cute.)

iambaker did the roses all over.  It was soo pretty.  You should go look at it (click the "roses all over").

Well, now that Valentine's Day is over, I'm on to St. Patrick's Day...with some orders in between.  So, as always, I'm happy baking.


  1. Did yours have vertical layers?

  2. I love the designs you added on top, and the color~so pretty!