Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Cookie-tini Time!

So, a couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch of new cookie cutters.  (A bunch means 10.)  Some that I knew would come in handy - a cupcake (birthdays), a necktie (father's day), outline of USA (Master's week is coming), and some that I don't know if I will ever use them but I had to get them for obvious reasons (if you know me) - a lamb, a tree and a coffee cup (that pretty much sums me up, in case you don't know me).  I also ordered a martini glass, thinking it would be good for something.  Well, that same week, I got a cookie order for 2 Georgia girls (Go Dawgs!) who were turning 21!  Perfect!  The cookie cutter would get here just in time! 
Molly and Erin each got cookie jars full of flower cookies and 2 separate martini glass cookies.  I would have done all martini glass cookies, but I didn't want the stems to break off in the jar.  So, I did them separate. 

I hope they enjoyed getting them as much as I enjoyed making them!


  1. Hey Bethany,
    The cookies were such a hit, they are so cute, and also really, really good!! I had to hide them from my roommates! Thank you so much!
    - Molly Grady