Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Heart of Baking

So, I was a little busy this week.  I had a few Valentine's orders. (Like 10.)  A birthday cake AND anniversary cookies. I thought I might have over-booked myself - BUT, 277 cookies and a 9" cake later, I pulled it all off!!  I used to think Valentine's Day was just a gimmick for florists and card companies - but here I am, reaping in the benefits of Valentine's Day commercialism.   And I'm ok with that. 
I made a coupla bouquets...
A coupla these...
A few bags of cookies...

I made these Valentine's cookies for my niece's Kindergarten class.
They started out as just simple hearts.  But I asked her what she wanted on them. (I had to, she's a princess, you know.)  She said she wanted a butterfly.  So, on the wax paper I drew, what I thought, was a rudimentary butterfly (thinking she wouldn't like it, so I could do something easy, like dots.)  Oh, no.  She loved my simple butterfly.  And then I realized the great thing about being an aunt, whatever you do, you rock.  I was happy to do my butterfly on her Valentine's, because at that point, I was the best aunt in the world.
And I love it!  I love it more than anything.  My nieces and nephews could ask me for anything, and they would get it.  Especially with eyes like that one!  (ALL my nieces and nephews are that beautiful, I promise!) 

Well, I also had a birthday cake and anniversary cookies to do, as well as all my heart cookies.  They were for the same party.  65th birthday and 45th anniversary.  (Sounds like my parents.  My mom got married on her 20th birthday!) 
So, I did a cake for the birthday.
(I was really proud of how good my lettering looks on this one!) 
He's a motorcyle kinda guy that loves to go ridin' with his friends.  I hope his get together tonight wasn't cut too short due to the Winter Storm '10! 
The party also called for cookies in celebration of the anniversary.
I know I say this everytime, but for real, these might be my favorite. 
I love the tone on tone.  I first discovered this with Audrey's cookies (I did some teal on teal, which happens to be my favorite color).  White on white is a perfect combo for wedding/anniversary.
I loved doing these cookies and the cake!! 

And to answer the question that several people have asked me, despite the craziness of the week, I still love cookies and can't wait until my next order.  (I will probably experiment a bit this weekend with some things I've got stirring in my head.  Call me crazy.)  I have quite a few orders lined up in the next month. 
I can't wait show them to you!


  1. You are seriously amazing!! Martha Stewart has nothin on you!!! Love the CA pic!!!

  2. Bethany, the cookies are awesome!! I enjoyed two of mine last night! My only regret is not asking husband for TWO bags!