Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flowers and Traffic Cones

Last week, I made two cookie bouquets for one of my sister's co-workers.  I had the pots and other things to put it together already purchased for my Valentine's bouquets.  But since the occassion wasn't wishing someone Happy Valentine's, I thought it was more appropriate to use the flowers (my favorite shape, other than my new favorite - the tile).  I thought they turned out super cute.  I loved putting the message on the center flower!  The purple and yellow color combo isn't my favorite - it makes me think of the Lakers.  But they still get the message across - someone's thinking of you!  I wrapped them up and tied them with ribbon and sent them off to work with my sister the next morning.  I get a call from my sister about an hour later saying (insert menacing music here - duh, duh, duuhhh) the big flower fell off its stick - in BOTH bouquets!  Well, fudge.  That puts a damper on the beautiful presentation, doesn't it?  I talk about coming up there to try and fix it with some royal icing, which can double as glue.  BUT, I'm in the middle of another cake/cookie order that has to be finished.  Bonnie and another co-worker, Jessica, fiddled around with it to try and make it look presentable.  (I'm convinced that Jessica was helping out in hopes that she might get to eat the fallen cookie.)  They ended up taking the sticks out and propping the cookies up.  (Jessica took the opportunity to lick the sticks.  So, she got a little fix.)  It wasn't ideal, but at least the cookies hadn't broken into pieces or anything.  'Twas a learning experience and I'll try to solve that problem next time!  So, sorry you had to be a guinea pig, Morgan!  And thanks to Bonnie and Jessica for looking out for me!

The other cookie order last week was for my friend Sara's little boy, Jaden.  He turned the big 1!  They were just having a small party with just the fam, but didn't want to gyp Jaden (or themselves) out of any birthday sweets.  So, it meant more matching cookies and cake for me - I love it!  And I got to do a cupcake along with it!  Sara went with a truck/construction theme because she liked the little orange cones so much.  I hope it turned out like she wanted it to!  Happy 1st birthday, Jaden! 

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  1. Jaden's look so cute! I was dying to find out what they'd be like! The cake is magnificent!