Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cookie Bliss

So, there's this cute salon in the Summerville area in Augusta.  It's adorable.
It happens to be where I get my hair cut.  The exciting thing is that Mary, the owner, knew about Sweet B's cookies even before I started going to see Brittany at her salon.  Isn't that cool?!  People are talking about me!  In a good way! 
Well, Mary wanted some cookies with her logo on them to pass out to the other businesses around the area to let them know about Bliss.  I was happy to oblige!
(Told you is was cute.  It's even cuter inside.  And blissful.)

So...I am extremely proud of these.  I didn't think I was going to be able to put the flower on it without it looking wonky.  (Yes, that's a technical cookie term.  Just trust me.)

But it worked! 

The funny thing is, I did these in the midst of making the 400 Augusta cookies.  So, they were a nice break from yellow and green!!
Thanks so much, Mary, for thinking cookies!  I'll be happy to bring you cookie bliss anytime!
And I'll see you next week, Brittany!

As always,
Think Cookies.


  1. I love them!!!!

  2. I really like the last photo. also, does this mean you are going to change your logo?