Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Think Cookies...aaannnnd GO!

And now begins the segment of my life where I focus on cookies. 
That's right.
I will be thinking cookies, mostly full time. 
(I mean, I've got a few other little side gigs, but my main thing is now this.  Cookies.)
If you haven't noticed, I've already been making some adjustments in preparation. 

Think Cookies.
That's me.

That's me, too.
(The link just brings you back here...I'll have a full website...eventually.)

Oh, yeah.  And you can follow me on twitter.  Guess what my name is.  Thaaat's right!

You might ask yourself, why think cookies?
I challenge you to think of an occassion that cookies would NOT be good for...(aside from things like a Diabetic Convention or a Gluten Allergies Anonymous meeting)
But your regular occassions...
Birthday gifts 
That's right.  As a gift for the person who has everything or you don't have a clue what to buy.  Perfect for any age.  I mean, come on, who doesn't love cookies?
New Baby
What new mom doesn't deserve cookies? 
(Don't leave out any older siblings! They need special cookies, too!)
Party Favors
Who needs a bag full of stuff?
And after all you spend on everything you put in there, you could probably get a delicious, home-made, personalized cookie for less money. 
Thank You/Hostess Gift
Whether it's for party hosting, house-sitting, or just being there, it's a perfect way to say "Thanks!"
House Warming Party
You may not know what their kitchen colors are to buy them towels to match , or if they prefer red or white, but chances are, someone in that house likes cookies.
Thinking of You
Regardless of why they're down, a jar of home-made cookies says, "I care about you."
The fun part about cookies is that you can say congratulations for anything! "Congrats on the promotion!" "Congrats on your engagement!"  "Congrats on shaving your mullet!"
Your Logo On a Cookie
Have a logo or theme for your business that you want to see on a cookie?  Cookies are a perfect give away for prospective or current clients/customers.
For your neighbors, for your kid's teachers or bus driver, for your in-laws that you never know what to give.

The list really could go on...tailgate party, Bunco night, christening, dinner party, baptism, tea party, wedding shower, retirement, farewell, bar/bat mitzvah, girl's beach trip...

Obviously, I've been doing a lot of thinking...about cookies. 
I just want you to think cookies, too!
And when you think of a reason for cookies (listed or not), email me! At ThinkCookies@gmail.com.
(Yes, there will be bumper stickers, t-shirts, koozies...)

As always,
Think Cookies.


  1. I want a bumper sticker!!! And a t-shirt!!! Shoot, throw in a koozie, too!!!

  2. You got it! I'll put your down for a hundred for each...

  3. i am interested. is this available now?

  4. Charenn29 - you can email me at thinkcookies@gmail.com if you are interested in ordering cookies. Thanks!