Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cookies and Cupcakes!

I met someone.
Someone who makes phenomenal cupcakes.   (Hope I didn't get your hopes up, mom.)
Her name is Molly. 
She has this cute cupcake shoppe and boutique on the corner of Washington and Pleasant Home in Augusta. 
She sells all sorts of cute cupcake-themed gifts...and of course, cupcakes.
Tuesdays are Mango Tango days...I might have to stop by today to satisfy the craving I've now stirred up. 
You can visit her website to view all the other amazing flavors she offers.

She also sells these -
Cookies made by Sweet B!

So, you can think cookies AND cupcakes!
For all your cupcake needs, Molly will surely help you out.

And when you're thinking cookies...
I'll be here!

Think cookies.

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