Thursday, September 29, 2011

Color Trendin'

So, it started with these...
They matched the invitation.

And then I did these (to match the invite)...

For a Pampered Chef party. (If you couldn't tell.)
Have I mentioned that one of my favorite things to use in the kitchen is the PC batter bowl?
I love it!

And then, I suggested these colors to a customer (imagine that)...

Oh, and then my dad needed to send some Thank You cookies, color choice was up to me...
guess what colors I chose...
Anyone noticing a pattern?
(I always loved those coffee cups that were covered in different languages of Thank You, or I love You, etc.  That was the inspiration for these.)
Can you name all the languages I used for Thank You?

And for the last installment of my pale blue and orangey-red cookie series, (for now), are these exciting cookies...
These were for one of my regular customers. 
Who wanted to announce to her co-workers that she was expecting!
(How fun is that?!)
She had her son (who I made the pirate cookies for) give out the cookies!
(How cute is that?!)
I was one of the first persons to know she was pregnant!
(How awesome is that?!)
Anyways, if you couldn't tell, I was pretty excited to make them for her...and it just so happens I could do them pale blue and orangey-red. 
Funny how that worked out.

So, I think you can tell my current color combo obsession. 
(If you're still in question, please review the pictures above.)

Exciting news to follow soon!!!

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