Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Pink and Green!

There are certain color combinations I suggest when someone doesn't have a combo already in mind.  Pink and green is becoming one of my new favorites.  It may have to do with how much I loved June Anne's cookies, but regardless, I'm lovin' it.  These pictures are from 2 different orders this past week.  One was actually for June Anne's grandparents and the other was sent to a friend who has just had surgery.  They're so much fun!!
Personalized with each grandparent's nickname.

I hope the green hearts weren't too girly for Pops and Popi.
Although, I've learned that most guys don't care about what the cookie looks like...

Just the taste!
I haven't done flowers in awhile, so it was fun doing them again!

Next blog, I'll let you know one of my other current favorite color combos...
Anyone have any guesses??

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