Monday, September 12, 2011

June Anne

So, one of my frequent customers, Kristen, has ordered and received Sweet B's for some time now.  My sister gave her Sweet B's when she completed her master's degree.  She has celebrated her birthday with Sweet B's.  Whenever she goes on vacation, she orders some iced whites to take with her.  (In fact, she's one of the reasons I started offering iced whites!) 
Well, Kristen just had a baby.  And of course, I wanted to welcome her sweet baby June Anne to the world with some sweetness.  But, since it was Kristen, who was already a big fan of Sweet B's, I knew that her new-mommy cookies had to be above and beyond any cookies that she had received in the past.  And I was excited to do sooo excited...and here's why...

Did you squeal?
Because that's what Kristen did when she saw them.

The pearls were inspired because Kristen's sweet husband gave her a strand of pearls thanking her for bringing his precious daughter into this world. (*swoon*)

I picked pink, green, and white as colors just because I thought it suited Kristen.

As it turns out, those are June Anne's colors!!

I wish I had videoed Kristen when I brought them in her house.

She was say the least.

I showed a little cookie on a few of these...I know it's a little scandalous.

I can honestly say that it was hard to give these away.  Most of the time, I love giving my creations away to the customer.  I confess that I wanted to keep these for a little while longer.

Sigh.  I'm glad I took a lot of pictures, because I still love looking at them!

I'm so glad Jason and Kristen enjoyed their cookies, because I SO enjoyed making them!!!

And of course, I loved meeting Baby June Anne, who was more precious than the cookies!
I hope these cookies will make you forget that I haven't posted in 2 weeks (whoopsie!).  Even if I'm not posting, I'm always...

Thinking cookies,


  1. Bethany! You are amazingly talented! May I say " I love looking at your cookies!"? Please let me know when you are traveling to Columbus again, I would like to place an order for some iced whites. God bless you, Inge

  2. Those are so cute, Bethany!! I can see why you wanted to keep them and stare at them a little longer!! I'm glad you took pics, too. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Thanks so much, ladies!!!
    Inge, I'll let you know when I'm headed that way!

  4. I did squeal! I love the colors, the lettering and the pearls~WOW! You achieved you goal of going "above and beyond"!

  5. You outdid yourself! these are too beautiful to eat:-)