Monday, January 25, 2010

It Happens Everytime

So, my family knows that after I finish an order of cookies, they get a picture message from me with evidence of my latest cookie venture.  And it usually says something along the lines of - "My favorite color combo yet" or "Do you love these as much as I do?!" or "I hope you don't get tired of me sending you pictures of cookies!"  (I'm sure my brother would rather me just send him cookies than a picture!  But oh, well!)  After this order, there was no exception.  My little sister said these were her favorite evrrrr.  I might have to agree with her.  There's something about the square that I love so much. 
And the color combo is awesome.  I'm getting better with matching the color.  That whole "practice makes perfect" thing may be right - not that I'm perfect, I'm far from it!  But I'm definitely improving!
These were for a friend's husband's party.  I made 104 and stacked them in an aluminum pan to transport.  But I liked the way they looked all stacked up, so I took them back out of the pan to take a picture.  These are my cookie tiles.  Right now, I just have this size, it's 2 1/4" but I'm ordering a bigger square for cookie favors.   I love having the freedom to design whatever I like, but I need some kind of inspira-tion.  For these cookies, it was the cute invitaions from TinyPrints.  Loved the style, loved the colors.  And everyone LOVED the cookies!


  1. You are so talented girl! I love all of your cookie designs, and the pics you take of them are amazing! The reflection of the cookies in the top pic of the blue/brown squares is really cool. I predict lots of success with Sweet B's!

    julie adams

  2. Awesome Sweet B! My mouth is watering! And I do love that first pic. You can bake AND you're a wiz with a camera, too??!?!

  3. LOVE THE BLOG!!!! Can't wait to see you guys!