Monday, January 11, 2010

A Double Birthday Weekend

I was quite busy this week. It started with a small 6" cake last Saturday, which led to 20 cupcakes on Tuesday and 30 wrapped cookies and a 3 tier cake for the party this past Saturday- all for my niece. Then for my friend's son, I made a dozen cupcakes and a small dinosaur cake for his party on Sunday. Now, for a bakery, that's nothing, but for a baker who is used to doing only an occasional cookie order or two - quite the opposite. But I had fun with all of it and had no major catastrophes.

I've been wanting to do cookies and matching cake, and luckily, my niece was on board. We sat down and had a consultation (my first consultation with a 6 year old). She told me what she wanted, and I think she was pleased with the end products.

As for the two year old's cake - when my friend said dinosaur, I thought it over and came up with this idea. It played out pretty well, especially for my first 3D cake.

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  1. Those are so awesome. Ok, so I want a tri-ceratops from the Cretaceous Period with matching cookies for my birthday. It is not until August so you have plenty of time to get ready.