Monday, April 26, 2010

All's Fair in Love and Cookies

Those were words said by Stevo (my bro-in-law) to my dad this weekend.  My parent's came up and I told my father not to expect any cookies because of my huge order that I've got for this week.  But, of course, we have cookies laying around the house.  Some leftover Easter eggs and a few Masters cookies were still hanging out.  That was enough to satisify my father's Sweet B tooth.  (Because they're still good after 2 weeks!)  And so, at the end of their visit, when we were all goodbye-ing, my dad appologized to Stevo for eating all his Sweet B cookies.  Stevo said, "All's fair in love and cookies."  I loved it.  Almost as much as when a friend of mine told me not to forget to "Stop and smell the cookies."  Maybe I've gone a little overboard and need to start smelling something other than cookies when people start putting cookie euphemisms in my everyday conversations and I'm ammused by them.  Oh, well.  Maybe I need one of those bumper stickers that says, "Eat. Sleep. Cookies."  Nah.  Even though I'm pretty sure that's how my upcoming week will play out. 
But I am going to show you some of the cookies I've done over the past 2 weeks.  They all happen to be tiles and for a few different occassions. 
These were for a friend who wanted to congratulate her brother and fam when they found out they're having another baby or "little peanut."
I did some birthday cookies and thank you cookies (for 2 different people) in Kentucky blue - an iconic color in collegiate sports.  It turned out pretty, but not as pretty as those UK helmets.  (Don't worry, I'm not cheating on my Dawgs, I just love that blue.  But of course, there's nothing more beautiful than red and black on a green football field!)
I was finally able to do a black and white combo for a freind's thank you cookies.  They turned out so classy looking. 
I also realized that I could doodle on cookies even if they weren't Easter eggs!  Not sure why it took me so long. 
And finally, new baby cookies.  In pink and brown.  Love the color combo!
I love that my cookies are helping others celebrate in different ways (and states!). 

Well, for next weekend, I'm doing tea cup cookies for a high tea fundraiser for Sound Choices Pregnancy Center.  I've got 389 cookies baked - it's been a long day.  And now for a long week of icing.  I'll let you know if I survive.  Until then, happy icing to me!

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  1. "Maybe I've gone a little overboard..."

    I think you went overboard when in your last post you said that if you were a cookie, you would be a tree cookie. That was a little weird.