Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome To Augusta, Y'all!

So, I've lived in Augusta for almost a year.  Up until now, it has felt eerily like Columbus (where I moved from and lived most of my life).  The cities are very similar.  They are about the same size.  They are both on a river that is the state boarder, so they both have Riverwalks.  They both have Army bases near them (although, Ft. Gordan isn't nearly as big as Ft. Benning).  And the downtowns look like they were designed by the same architect.  It even has that small town feel.  My sister can't go anywhere without seeing someone she knows.  (It's almost like that for me too, and I don't know that many people yet!) 
But this time of year, there's a feeling that I never got in Columbus.  Springtime is a time of awakening for most parts of the South.  Where everything starts "greening out" as my sweet Granny used to say and getting covered in pollen.  But in this town, it's different.  There's an electircity in the air that starts to charge.  And I've noticed some unusual happenings around town. 
For starters, driving through the neighboorhood these days, I've notice so many people having work done to their houses - getting it painted, new roofs, shutters off being re-painted, major yard work, on houses that didn't look they needed it to me.  
And then I started seeing tents pop up along Washington Road.  You know, like tail-gaiting tents, with signs that said stuff like "Practice round tickets, buy or sell".  There are these guys just sitting there, in lawn chairs.  During the middle of the week even!  Don't these guys have jobs?!
Not long after, I started seeing these out in front of businesses.
What on earth?  I saw one sitting outside a church and thought "Are they selling it?  Raffling it?  Just showing it off?"  But there weren't any signs saying any of that.  Then I learned that the golf cart itself was the sign.  Just to say, "Hey, golfers!  We support you!"  It's a thing that Club Car does in support of the season.

Then, there's all the talk about the azaleas.  Yup.  Flowers.  Will they bloom in time?!  Oh no, what are we going to do if the azaleas aren't out?!  Can the tournament go on if the azaleas aren't out?!  Yes, yes, it can.  Because evidently, behind the big huge wall of vines that hides this place called the Augusta National, they can control the weather.  They have some sort of pact with God or voodoo they can put on the green bushes and make them bloom - magically.  So, no worries.  The backdrop behind the golfers will be as beautiful as ever.  But what about the rest of us?  We want the azaleas in our front yard to bloom too!!  I guess we'll just have to wait on Mother Nature like the rest of world.  But I think they'll make it out, just in time.

And so, if I haven't clued into what's going on around here yet - there's a ton of these to remind me.

So, I've learned that where Columbus has several claims to fame - Aflac's worlwide headquarters, TSYS, and the city where Coca-Cola was first formulated.  Augusta - has the Masters.  And they are extremely proud of that.  It's a state of mind or even way of life around here.  People eat, sleep and breath golf.
So, if you're in Augusta this time of year, you can feel the excitment and energy building in the atmosphere.  (Or dread and despise for some of the locals, I'm sure.  I've heard traffic gets ridiculous!) 
The spring-spruce elves have made an appearance around this house too in preparation for the guests that will begin arriving Tuesday night. 
And of course, Sweet B has been busy baking some special treats for the West Virginia crew!
I even impressed my brother-in-law with my icing skills on these. 

My niece and I made this Lusciously Lemon cake and a few dozen chocolate chip cookies today.  She is such a big help!! (More to come on that later!)

Any excuse for sweets and Sweet B is there!!
So, now that Sweet B has made lots of treats for family and friends, she is taking the week off to enjoy this thing they call the Masters!  Maybe I'll figure out what all the hype is about and I might even get to go!!  (I've been practicing my golf clap.) 
If you're not into golfing, this post might have bored you a bit (and if it did, you probably don't live in Augusta).  Sorry.  But Sweet B will be back to baking fun and creative treats soon! 
Until then, Happy Masters - let's get golfing!


  1. This post is adorable! And the cookies look fabulous!

  2. Loved this post! There's no place like Augusta during the Masters. You definitely got it right! And the cookies are adorable!

  3. So, now I know what all the hype is about. And, yes, it is AMAZING! Southern hospitality at its finest! I've been a proud Georgian all my life, but now, even more. It's indescribable!!