Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day - Plant a Tree, Eat a Cookie

So, I think on Earth Day, everyone has a green thumb - like everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day.  See. 
Now, before you get to amped up about me jumping on the "green" wagon because of my special Earth Day post, let me explain. I'm not a radical.  But I do believe in conservation.  I recycle because it makes me feel like I'm helping out for the future.  (Don't want the earth to end up like in Wall-E.)  I use re-usable bags when grocery shopping - mainly because they're so much easier to carry.  The boxes I package my cakes and cookies in are recyclable.  When I go on walks, if I see trash and it's not too yucky, I'll pick it up.  And probably my favorite way I conserve is my fuel efficient Honda Fit.  I love it! 
But now, let's get down to the real reason I'm doing a special Earth Day post.  To show you these -
I actually made these a coupla weeks ago for my friend Joanna's birthday.  The icing isn't the super smooth icing I usually use, which I think adds texture to the trees.
I searched high and low in my sister's house for something "organic" to display the cookies on for their photo shoot.  All I could come up with was a plastic plate shaped like a flower and a bamboo tray.  Oh, and one of my terra cotta pots.  What can I say.  My older sister isn't exactly the "organic" type.  (She'll probably fuss at me for saying that.  I think she thinks I make her sound not-so-smart when it comes to creative things on my blog.  But let me just take the time right now to say - I wouldn't be where I am in this Sweet B's endeavor without her love and support and the use of her kitchen.  She is such a constant encouragement to me and I appreciate all of her input - she's my business consultant, you know.  Woah, didn't realize this was going to be Sister Appreciation post, too!)
Enough of that mushy love stuff and back to the cookies -
Here they are in their natural habitat.  Tee-hee.
If you know anything about me, you know I love trees...
So, if I were a cookie, I'm pretty sure this is what I would look like.
So, Happy Earth Day, Sweet B's style!


  1. Way to make me cry. Today, I needed it. Love ya!

  2. Awesome! I am continually awed by your talent, B!

  3. Glad to see you are back and running again. They look great. Dean