Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Me Crazy!

More new baby cookies.  I have a few friends that order new baby cookie jars so frequently, they just send me texts that say "Ella, ELH, need by Wednesday.  Yes?"  It's all the same, only the names will change...tee hee.
And of course, I love doing the baby cookies.  I did these purple ones and thought they would look marvelous on my yellow cake plate.
I was right.  But then, I set this cookie on my green charger and it was so cute, I have to share that one too.
Can you tell I love color?  And green happens to be my all time favorite.  You may think that it's teal.  I keep waiting for my teal trend to end, but it's still my go-to color.  I came to a slight breaking point when I pulled out my teal phone to get to my teal wallet out of my teal purse while wearing a teal, get that lady to color rehab!!
Anyways, enough about me, what's your favorite color?  And how much do you love seeing that color on a cookie?!

I tend to get excited when I color icing.  I'm doing another new baby jar this week, so I'll be happy coloring (icing, that is)!

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