Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short & Sweet

So, I've been advised to shorten my posts and post more frequently...ha...and double ha!  I've definitely got lots to catch up on.  But since I'm on a time deficit, I"ll give the short and sweet a try!  Here's a few cookies I did for an awesome, new restaurant downtown Augusta.  It's called the Frog Hollow Tavern and I've yet to have a bad experience there.  It's super chic and the food is most delish.  So, if you're Augustan or just passing through and looking for an awesome new place to eat, give the Frog Hollow a shot...I recommend the mussels. 

I've been pretty busy lately...
And will probably be busy until...
I've already designed my holiday cookies...
Because they're going to be for sale at the 2 Augusta VeryVera locations...
Yup.  You heard right. 
Sweet B's cookies will be available in 2 Augusta retail locaions starting in October.
There was even a professional photography shoot in preparation of the promotions.
I can't wait to show you the designs, you're gonna love them.
Until then, I'm happy baking!


  1. wow. listen to you. sooooo happy for you. i looked at the vv site. next thing you know you'll be featured on oprah.

  2. Or Martha Stewart. :)


  3. I had to post as anonymous because I don't remember my blogger password. Teehee.

  4. What what!!! That's great, B! Congrats!