Friday, September 17, 2010

It's That Time of Year

This might be my favorite time of year.  The air starts getting that slight, feel-good chill in the mornings.  And it smells  That's right.  My Saturdays for the next 4 months are dedicated to College Game Day (well, and cookies).  And more specifically - Georgia football.  I love my Dawgs.  Even after last Saturday's disappointment.  Which is why this post didn't come sooner.  I was still bitter.  But I still have hope and love for them!
Back to the cookies, (after all, this is a cookie blog and not a football one) I made cookies for the annual Boarder Bash.  Well, my sister works downtown and they have an annual tail-gate for the annual Boarder Bash.  (For those not familiar, the Boarder Bash happens the Friday night before the Georgia-South Carolina game.  The cheerleaders and mascots from each school have a big block party downtown Augusta.)  I made cookies for the party last year and it was made clear that they were necessary for this year's celebration too.  I was happy to oblige. It's easy to do cookies for something you're passionate about.  And here's the proof...
If we don't put a beatin' on the hogs this week, I might send some of these cookies to Head Coach Mark Richt for inspiration.  I'll let you know how that goes.
Until then, goooo dawgs!

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