Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thinking Cookies, Augusta!

So, you may be wondering how my Masters week turned out...
Well, that followed by Easter is why you haven't heard from me in awhile.  I was BUSY!  I ended up doing over 400 cookies for local businesses, various hospitality houses and boxed lunches, and I could've done twice that much, I'm sure.  A lot of them...MOST of them were for VeryVera.  I picked up a new retail location along the way as well.  Neapolitan Cupcakes is now carrying Sweet B's cookies.  I'm excited about working with Molly!  Her cupcakes are fabulous!  So, for all your cupcake needs, hop on over to her cute shoppe and she will hook you up. 
Back to the cookies...
If you were around last year, you saw a picture similar to this -
The difference is, last year, the cookies I did only took up half of the table.  This year, the table looked like this...three times over.
The thing about this little bugger, is that often times, Florida would break off before the cookie was baked.  Most of the time, I could re-attach Florida to the rest of the states, but there was the one time that it successfully separated from the Union.
Of course, I just iced him for the fun of it.
I did several boxed sets for hospitality houses.
A box of boxes to be delivered.

You may ask how I kept up with all the orders that were flying through the kitchen.
I commandeered my niece's art easel. 
Hey - it worked!

This is THE last cookie of it's kind.  Somehow, after all the orders had been filled, even the last minute ones I somehow managed, one still remained. 
He's still sitting in my workroom...for posterity's sake. 

Next year...I will be better prepared for the crazy cookie rush that Augusta had with these.
I'm starting to make dough now...ha!

As always,
Think cookies.

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