Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cookie Archive

In no particular order and once again, some of the photos aren't the best quality.

These were for Baby Owen's shower - hence, the "o". I matched to blue to the napkins that had teeny tiny white polka dots on them. So, I did the reverse on these cookies, and embellished on a few.

These were for a 5 year old girl's birthday party. The first cookies I ever did for someone else were these over-sized flowers. I LOVE doing them! They really get my creative juices flowing.

The cookies packaged up - not sure why blogger turned the picture on it's side.

Special "A" cookie for Amelia - the birthday girl. Everyone should have a special cookie on their birthday. It makes the day even more special!

Cookies for a 12 year old girl to take to school on her birthday. It was my first time doing the tulips and butterflies! My 6 year old niece saw the butterfly (the pink one, on the right side of the plate) and said it was the most beautiful cookie she had ever seen! I love that girl.

I don't set out to make every cookie different, sometimes it just ends up that way.

Pumpkins for Halloween. I added chocolate sugar cookies to my repertoire here. I haven't made them since, not sure why, because they were amazing.

Just sweet and simple for Steve's 40th. We had just gotten back into town and were throwing my bro-in-law a surprise party, so these were iced pretty quick. Steve, aka the Cookie Monster, doesn't really care what they look like. They could have said, "You're Old!" and he still would've said he loved them! Whenever I make cookies for an order, he gets mad if I don't have some cookies left over for him. spoiled. rotten.

These were for Carlee Anne's 5th birthday party favors - personalized princess wands. I know this cookie would make ME feel like a princess!

Monogrammed medallion cookies for Baby Charlotte. My sister gave them away to the people who came to visit after the baby was born. I'm starting a trend. Or at least trying to.
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  1. Oh, those chocolate sugar cookies...yum!!!

  2. Ummm...Bethany! These are phenomenal! How do I get in touch with you to order?!? I'm hosting a mother/daughter tea party in May and the flower cookies would be a perfect!