Monday, January 18, 2010

Cookies For Every Age

This weekend, I made cookies celebrating a newborn and cookies for a 60 year old's brithday bash.
Branching out from the norm, I did square cookies for my latest baby cookies.  I think if I do a bigger square, I can make it look more like a baby quilt. I'm trying to stay away from plain jane cookies - can you tell?  I would rather take a simple square and jazz it up to look like a baby cookie than make a teddy bear cut out look like a teddy bear.  I'm not knocking those kind of cookies, it's just not the style of cookies I want to produce.  I enjoy making each cookie look like a piece of art - unique and stylish. 
I was able to fit 20 cookies in the jar for the new parents.  I, also, did a small cookie bag for the 2 year old big brother.  You can't leave those older siblings out!

Now, for Valentine's Day, I will be offering Heart Cookie Bouquets.  The cookie bouquet is not original with me - I dare not take that credit.  But, I've never seen anyone offer custom cookies in a jar with a personalized tag.  Not to say I'm the only one who has ever thought of it, but if it's out there, I haven't found it.  I still say these make the perfect gifts for such occasions as new babies.  And they taste WAY better then pink daisies! (But I can make cookies that look like pink daisies if you really want to send flowers!) 

As for 60 year old Marvin, he celebrated Harley style.  I made him a chocolate 6" cake with my sugar cookies to go with it.  I made the delivery to Catering Concepts in North Augusta, so I didn't get to see how well Marvin liked it.  But I don't think he could have been disappointed.

I really got into the flames.  Like the swirls you see on many of my designs, I doodle flames like this a lot too.  I was also proud of myself at how smooth I got the butter cream icing!  I hope Marvin enjoyed the cake and cookies as much as I enjoyed making them!

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  1. Not that I'm a Harley-type person, but that is an AWESOME cake!! I can't imagine that anyone would be disappointed with that!

    And I love the idea of the cookies looking like a quilt for the babies!! Great concept! Care to do it again for my little one!?!?!?!?