Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind Every Cookie, There's a Story

Which is exactly why I blog!  And I have plenty of stories from this week, as I was super busy!

Order #1 - Cookies for Katy
I worked with Katy at Starbucks in Columbus.  She just recently has been promoted to Shift Supervisor (Yay!) and her mom, in Atlanta, wanted to send her some congratulations cookies - in the shape of coffee cups of course.  Well, the pictures I took of her cute coffee cups got lost (I knew this would happen eventually).  You see, I don't have my own computer, and since pictures take up so much space, I put all of them on an external hard drive.  And I'm sure I thought I put them on my hard drive and then deleted them off my camera, because when I went to look for them, they were nowhere to be found!!  I'm soooo sad!!  I do have a few shots from my camera phone that I'll show you.  So sorry for the poor quality pictures!! 

Order #2 - Cristie's Cake
Cristie was throwing a party for her husband's new command (or company or something like that.  I'm not good at keeping up with what the Army calls things).  Cristie just needed a big cake with the company's shield on it.  She gave me a copy of what the shield looks like, which is what the paper on the right is.  She seemed pleased with the outcome!

Order #3 - Mom's Day!
So, the Mother's Day cookies that were pictured on my Mother's Day post weren't actually for my mother.  Kristen, who works with my sister and is an avid Sweet B fan, ordered 2 boxes of them - one for her mom and one for her mom-in-law.  Bonnie took them to work with her on Friday morning to deliver to Kristen.  So they sat on Kristen's desk, taunting her all day long.  She couldn't resist, she gave in to her addiction and ate one of her mom's cookies.  So, her mom got 19 cookies instead of 20 for Mother's Day.  But I'm sure she enjoyed them just the same!
 (The second Mom's Day order was pictured on my post yesterday.)

Order #4 - Teacher Appreciation
It was teacher appreciation week last week at Blue Ridge Elementary, where my niece attends and to finish out the week, they had a luncheon for the teachers.  Bonnie signed up to bring a dessert and asked if Sweet B could make one for her.  She loved the cake I did for our neighbor Kari and wanted the same design. She loves it when the message is on the side of the cake (She says it’s the Sweet B’s Difference!). And for that matter, I agree!
"We *heart* BRE teachers!"

Orders #5 & 6 - Daniel and Lauren's Engagement Party Cake and Cookies
These were 2 separate orders for the same party.  My sister wanted to take the happy couple some congrats cookies and the people throwing the party called and asked me to make the cake.  I made the cake to look like the couple's wedding invitation (per Bonnie's suggestion).  Which, while doing it, I wasn't sure it was the best idea - that's a lotta dots!  My arm got a little tired, but I did survive.
The invite - 

The cake -
Bonnie wanted the cookies in the black and white, which I love for wedding/engagement cookies.
I hope Daniel and Lauren enjoyed their sweets from Sweet B! 

Order #7 - Wayne's birthday Cake
My brother-in-law's friend, Wayne is an avid Alabama fan and so when his wife called asking me to make his birthday cake for the party we were attending, it was easy to pick a theme!  The funny story here is that, I was in charge of bringing the cake out at the party.  I went inside to take the cake out of the box, and I knocked off a corner of the icing.  Yup, I messed it up.  And of course, I hadn't got any pictures of the cake yet.  So, here's the cake, dented corner and all.
(Have I mentioned that I'm a klutz in real life?!)

Order #8 - Abby's Birthday Cookies
Abby is a member of the Sweet B’s fan club at Bonnie's work. A few of the girls give each other Sweet B cookies for each other's birthdays.  It's kinda funny.  So, today was Abby's birthday and of course, Kristen and Jessica got her some Sweet B's cookies!  Happy birthday, Abby!

Whew!  That was a busy week.  I would venture to say that I worked harder doing 8 different orders than the week before when I did 600 cookies for one order! 
Well, I don't have a lot of orders this week, so I'm hoping to do a bit of experimenting, especially since I just ordered some new cookie cutters.  I'm so excited!
So, happy experimental baking to me!


  1. I heard a rumor that you found some Star Wars cookie cutters - AWESOME. I hope those are the experiments this week.

  2. XOXO - Katy's cookies are beautiful! Now I'm waiting to hear the reaction when she opens them up at the store!


  3. You told on me! :)

    My moms both loved the cookies!! Thanks for making their Mother's Day special!

    I can't wait to get my hands on my iced whites! :)