Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring!

Oh, how I love spring!  I love the weather, longer days, the colors, the flowers.  If you've read my Cookie Archive post, you already know that flowers are my favorite cookies to decorate.  Well, I've had an idea for a flower cake sitting in my head for a month or so and I've been just dying to try it out!  Not that I ever need an excuse to make a cake, but it helps motivate me when there is a recipient other than myself.  My sister had two occasions she needed Sweet B's this past weekend - to welcome the new neighbors and to wish another neighbor "Happy Birthday."  Perfect!  I made cupcakes for the new neighbors and my flower cake for the birthday girl! 
Here's the idea brought to life - pretty much what it looked like in my head.  (Fairly simple in design, yes.  Simple and sweet.)
But, remember it's a birthday cake.  And because I don't do just your ordinary birthday cake...
I write on the sides of cakes. 
(Note: I got to use my new revolving cake stand!)
When I was doing the cake for TC, I was stressing to figure out what to put on the side.  My sister informed me that most birthday cakes don't have anything on the sides.  Oh.  I guess you're right.  But not Kari's cake!
And Kari loved her cake!  I was afraid she was going to be disappointed that I didn't bring her cookies, she's one of my biggest fans.  But if she was, I couldn't tell!
Since I was doing the purple and green for the cake, I decided to make the cupcakes purple and green as well.  (For ease and picture's sake.)
The neighbors only got 6 - the rest were for us.  (Tee-hee!)
Happy Spring!!
(Even though the official start is a couple of weeks away, I'm already there!)

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  1. I wish spring was going to be here soon! It is still months away! Anyways have you thought about international shipping =) Love all the pictures and I will let you know when I am coming home next because we must have a tasting date!