Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scrabble, Anyone?

So, ever since I started calling my square cookies "tiles", I've wanted to put individual letters on them and make a crossword, like Scrabble.  And when I do cookies for friends or family as gifts, I get to experiment and do whatever design I want.  (Suh-weet!)  You can pretty much bet one of the colors I use will be teal or another variation of blue.  I finally made Scrabble tiles for my friends, Mike and Candice who just had a beautiful baby boy.
(As a side note, this is a card table that was my great-grandmother's, that is in the possession of my father. I was at their house this weekend and was able to showcase it.  I love this table.  Not sure if it's the sentiment and nostalgia, or the fact that it's just really cool, but I thought it was perfect to show off my Scrabble cookie tiles.)
The only thing is, it's not exactly practical to wrap up a table for presentation.  (And I certainly wasn't giving away my antique card table - that's right, siblings, it's mine after dad, um, is done with it.)  So, I just put them in a cookie jar and printed out a picture of the cookies as a crossword and used it as a card.  (Which led me to another idea - cookie greeting cards.  You know how the use photographs of found objects that look like letters and make them spell things?  I want to do that with cookies.  The cards will be found in the Sweet B's gift shop, along with t-shirts and bumper stickers that say "Eat. Sleep. Cookies.") 
Congratulations, Mike and Candice!!

And now that you've seen the Scrabble tiles, you want to throw a party just so you can play cookie Scrabble, don't you?  Like my friend Jenny said about my tree cookies, "You know a design is good when people start wondering what kind of event they can plan so they can order that cookie :) So maybe I will be hosting a tree hugging party soon? Arbor day picnic? Lumber jack cookout? We shall see... "
So, whether you're planning a board game party or a lumber jack cookout, let Sweet B's make your party suh-weet!

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  1. You are so incredibly thoughtful! I love the card idea! Can't wait for the giftshop to get up and running!