Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ella!

So, I've made cookies for Ella before. 
When she was first born...
After she was born (for her mom to say thanks to all who helped)...
And now I got to make some for her first birthday!
I was so excited when her mom emailed me, asking me to make favors for Ella's first birthday!
The theme of the party was a lemonade cute!

I decided that since I've been doing cookies for her since she was born, I would make a special cookie.  Just for her, from me.

I loved doing these for Ella and her friends and family.  And I hope the party was fun!!
Thanks, Victoria, I had a blast making your special little girl's cookies!
As always, think cookies.

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  1. The lemonade stand is SO ADORABLE! I love it!