Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obsessions and Confessions

I have a current obsession...other than cookies...it's hot air balloons.  I mean, I've always loved to look at them.  I think they're fascinating.  But lately, I've been searching the web for pictures of them.  I've found several cool pictures on Pinterest. (ugh.  And, *confession* that's my current addiction! If you don't know what it is, then it's probably for the best.  Pinterest, in a nutshell, is a time machine.  You get on there, and 2 hours disappear.)  
So, to humor my new obsession, I wanted to create hot air balloon cookies.  I didn't (still don't) have an actual hot air balloon cookie cutter.  I went searching through my cookie cutter collection (that is ever rapidly increasing) to find a shape that I could make into a hot air balloon.  I decided to use my diamond ring cutter, upside down, of course.  (I've discovered that I really enjoy re-purposing cookie cutters.  Last week, I used a snowman to create an owl.  I'll share those pictures later.)  For now, I'll share pictures of the hot air balloons.

I gave them to a good friend of mine in Columbus.  Just because.
The hearts were my 7 year old niece's favorites. 
And the flowers were one of the recipient's favorites.
But I think these...
...were my favorites. 

I hope to do these again.  When I have more time to spend on them.  (Cleaning up the wiggly lines.)Using more colors.  Because they were lots of fun.

As always, think cookies.

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