Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My *Sweet* Family Tree

...or The 3rd ALFBE (Annual Lamb Family Birthday Extravaganzzza)...or Christmas in July, because that's what it looked like.
So, if you've been around long enough, you can remember that the inaugural year of the ALFBE was disturbed by whooping cough (You can read about it here...at the bottom of the post).  The following year, the party went on as planned with the theme of Star Wars, inspired by the Williams-Sonoma cookie cutters I found.  It took me some time to come up with the theme for this year's soiree (yes, I'm seeing how many different words I can use for party).  As the official cake and cookie baker and decorator of the ALFBE (I just made it official, just now. It's in print.), I get the pleasure of determining the theme for the get-together.  I have that power...and I kinda like it (insert ominous laugh here).  I take suggestions, but this year, I more or less kept it a secret.  Even when my sis-in-law had my sweet little niece call me on the phone to pry it out of me, I told her it was a surprise! 
So, the theme this year was family.  I know, it's kind of a weird theme for a birthday(s) party, but go with me on this.  I'm not gonna go into all the details, but just know that my family means a lot to me...a lot.  And I love them more than words on a cake can say. 
So, without further ado...our family tree.  Cake style.
This is what it looked like before it made the 3.5 hour trip.  Thankfully, it still looked like this after the 3.5 hour trip.
The presentation. 

The part where I actually made it a family tree!
Fuzzy pic.  Whoops.

And then there were the personalized cookies for each of my 15 family members.  (My last name is Lamb...in case you didn't catch that.)
That's a magic wand on my dad's lamb cookie.  (He's a magician...I'll leave it at that.)
Mom, obviously, is a musician.
My sister's flock.  (Though technically they're not Lambs.)
My brother's flock.
Me and my flo...well, me. ;-)
My little sis and her husband.  (The symbol is for the Appalachian Trail.  They're avid hikers.  And cyclers.  And runners.  And, well, pretty much anything outside.)
My sweet nieces (all but the littlest) patiently waiting for the cake cutting.
There's the littlest!
The damage.

The fam! (Minus Betsy and Kyle...who were in a TRIATHALON!!)
All thanks to these two...

All in all, a fabulous ALFBE! 
I've got some exciting things coming up, I'll keep you posted.

As always, think cookies.