Monday, August 8, 2011

My Daddy Always Says...

So, sometimes I spend a chunk of my day looking at other people's cookie creations.  That may sound like a confession, but I like to call it "research".  Some of my favorites right now are JP Creatibles (love, Love, LOVE everything she does), Cupookie (check out her henna cookies - ahh-mazing!) and I just found Casey's Confections (she's brilliant!).  Looking at other people's work used to get me down at how much better their work is.  But now, I just let it motivate me to try new things.  I've been realizing that I need to spend more time with my #1 icing tip.  Not my favorite.  It's the smallest.  (Well, actually, there's smaller, #0 and even #00, but I'm in denial that those exist, for now.)  My daddy always says, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always be what you've always been."  And I definitely want to keep growing as a cookie artist, which means I gotta try new stuffs!
Well, I've added a new shape to my baby collection.  A rattle!  The cutter I used is actually a dog bone, I just straightened up the ends.  (They make actual rattle cutters, I would just have to order it and I keep forgetting about that one when I've ordered recently!) 

Yay for a new shape!!  And having the patience with the #1 tip!!

Onesies and tiles...still a crowd favorite!

Cheers to expanding my repertoire, one cookie at a time!!
Thanks to Cathy for letting me debut my rattle cookies with her!

I've got more new stuff coming your way!

As always, think cookies.

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