Sunday, March 21, 2010

C is for...Caterpiller?

To those of you that thought I might say C is for cookie (that's good enough for me) or even C is for cake, here's a surprise.  Around here, when I'm icing a cake, C is for caterpiller.  Just ask any of my nieces or nephews and they'll tell you what that means.  It actually all started when I was decorating the cake for the FBE.  I was at my brother's house with 3 of my beautiful nieces and 1 of my 2 handsome nephews.  If you've decorated a cake around kids, you know they swarm you like vultures - mouth's just-a-waterin'.  Now, I don't mind you tasting whatever I've got going on, but one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is double dipping in my icing.  Makes my skin crawl just thinking of it.  It's not because I mind eating after my family that much, because I don't.  It's the fact that whoever is eating the cake is now eating after you too.  And if they're a paying customer, I'm gonna yell at you because you've just ruined my cake. 
Back to my story - the vultures were circling and I knew if I didn't give them some icing willingly, they would try to swipe some while I wasn't looking.  So, instead of them sticking their finger in my icing bowl, I made them stick their finger out and I drew a "caterpillar" on their finger with my bag of icing. 
Oh, they loved it.  And I didn't mind them coming back for seconds because their slimy hand wasn't touching my icing bowl.  (Of course, their mom might have protested seconds...had we asked her.  Have I mentioned that I love being an aunt?)
Well, I had to share the novelty of caterpillers with the rest of my family.  So, anytime I'm icing a cake in this house, my sweet princess of a niece asks for a caterpillar.
And how can I refuse?  Especially to watch how much she loves it.
Down to the last bit!
Love her!

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