Monday, March 15, 2010

Zig Zags and Polka Dots

Moving on to the next holiday...

My sister Bonnie and I found the porcelain egg crate at Williams Sonoma.  I immediately started thinking of how I could use it.  It's perfect for mini-cupcakes!  And of course, the cupcakes had to look like Easter eggs.  I used royal icing to spell out "Easter".  Before she saw the pictures, Bonnie couldn't figure out how it was going to look like the word and not just a bunch of letters.  Sometimes when I explain my ideas to her, she has a hard time visualizing them - I just say, "Trust me." 
They really are mini-cupcakes - see?
I think this would make a cute gift.

And now, for the cookies I've been waiting to do for years -
Easter Eggs.
I was born to do these cookies.
I have been doodling like this since high school.
And I always thought it would look good on an Easter egg.
I was right. 
Well, it looks good on an Easter egg cookie
And cookies are so much yummier than eggs anyway!
These really are my favorite - hence all the pictures, just couldn't help myself.
(I think it somehow justifies the hours I spent bored in lecture classes.)
You can order some for your Easter baskets.  
6 cookie minimum.
Just have your Easter bunny call me.

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  1. The design with the monogram in the middle and the polka dots around the edge is my fave baby cookie....gotta love a monogram!