Sunday, March 7, 2010

Peace, Love and Cookies

So, my baking-frenzy week started off by mailing cookies to a friend of mine who had a baby a month ago.  I'm just now getting the "Wow, you had a baby" cookies to her - sorry for the lateness.  I got to use one of my new, beautiful, copper cookie cutters (try saying those 3 words 5 times fast).  It's a 3"x5" rectangle.  (That's one big cookie!)  I call it my message cookie because that's what it's for - to send messages, cookie-style.  I love it. 

See - it's big enough to write "congratulations" on it.  That's a big word to put on a cookie.  Trust me, I didn't know if I was going to get all the letters on there.  But I succeeded! 
My next order was for Stanton.  No, this isn't a recycled picture from Valentine's.  I did hearts again.  I didn't swear them off after making hundreds of them.  But this time the heart was accompanied by peace and happiness.  Stanton's mom received a Bits of Love Valentine at her supper club. She said they were "SO good" and wanted to give them as favors for Stanton's birthday party. She wanted peace signs, and I suggested doing the whole "Peace, Love and Happiness."  She also wanted me to do a 12" cake for her.  I had the perfect design in my head to match the flower-child theme.  I made her cake, stacked it, crumb-coated it (a thin layer of icing to set all the crumbs), and iced it a beautiful color of green.  I got that sucker sooo smooth.  I was so proud of how smooth it looked.  The next morning, I went to start decorating it.  I got the ruler out to figure out how big I needed to make the flowers.  I laid the ruler down gently on the top of the cake.  The cake measured 11".  Wait a second.  That means, without the icing, it's a 10" cake.  *@#%!&$*#^*  (Don't worry, Mom.  I didn't really say any bad words.)  I asked myself - whaddya mean I made a 10" cake?!  My brain started spinning.  I didn't know if I had enough time to re-make the whole thing - there are parts of the baking process you can't rush through.  Not to mention I had already made this one so pretty.  I was stressin'.  But then, the rational juice started flowing through the brain (I'm not sure where it came from, but I was glad to feel it!)  I decided that it was much more reasonable for me to supplement with matching cupcakes than to make a whole other cake.  I emailed Stanton's mom, apologizing for being a space cadet, and she graciously accepted my alternative.  I still feel like such a ditz.  Anyways, the cake turned out beautifully.  I hope Stanton had a groovy party!
The next order I did was for one of my sister's co-workers.  She was going to an out-of-town wedding and they were having a small shower/bachelorette party for the bride.  So, we did an elegant 6" cake and fun cookies to go with it.

It was my first time trying out the coffee cup cutter (another tongue twister).  Of course - I love it. 
Then, for my last order of the week, a simple birthday cake.  It was simple because I barely got 24 hours notice. Lucky for Polly, I wasn't running behind on any of my other orders so she got to enjoy a cake from Sweet B's! 

So, as you can see, I was super busy last week.  The good news - this week looks just as busy!! 
Let's get baking!


  1. Ni Ni - I love the coffee cups!!!! So cute! I love it all, of course, but have never seen the cups. You are so talented (yes, I must say it every week!)

  2. Hey this is Candice and my cookies were so yummy!!!! Me and my mother-in-law have enjoyed them way too much. Loosing baby weight will have to take a back seat for now. Do you have a price sheet anywhere? My mother-in-law was interested in checking it out. Thanks Bethany!