Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If You're Lucky Enough to get a Sweet B's cookie...

Then you're lucky enough. 
I have a new love of holidays.  It means that I get to make festive cookies to go along with the holiday.  I worked on some Easter sweets this weekend (that I can't wait to share), only to realize that I skipped over St. Patrick's Day.  I hope that doesn't bring me bad luck!  So, in order to redeem my Irish luck, I gathered my butter and sugar to make some shamrocks to share.  Maybe you'll want to share some too!  There's a dozen order minimum.  The shamrocks are about 2" big and the message cookie is 3" x 5" (you can personalize it with your own message).
I know a dear friend of mine that would love for me to share these with her.  I think her heart is in the shape of a shamrock.  And if she doesn't get some of these, I might never live it down. 
And yes, those are tiny easels just for cookies.  I've been looking for something to prop my cookies up so I wouldn't have to try using paper towels every time and failing every time.  Lo and behold, they make such things.
I made some taster cookies to send with my sister and brother-in-law to their workplaces to promote the sharing of Sweet B's cookies.
They look like buttons - the kind you push and expect something to happen.

Each jar has about 120 bite-size cookies.  Stevo said they'll last about a minute at his work. 
Well, regardless of how long they last, I hope they enjoy them!


  1. I am deeply impressed with your Celtic knot. Impressive skill :)