Monday, March 15, 2010

Cookies, Cookies, and oh yeah, Some More Cookies!

Well, I already showed you pictures of my shamrock cookies.  I did about 7 dozen of those, and am in process of 20 more (not 20 more dozen, just 20 cookies).  I literally have a green thumb right now.  You see, icing colors tend to stain my hands - I think I just have color-sensitive hands.  Eventually it wears off after several, several hand washings.  It might be easier if I wore gloves, but I refuse to wear them.  (I have an irrational phobia.  I fully admit it's irrational, but I still adamantly refuse.  I have almost quit a job over it.  Some people are afraid of spiders or heights.  I hate plastic/latex gloves.  I would rather wash my hand 30 times a day than put those awful things on and off.)  Enough about me, back to the cookies.
In addition to the shamrocks, I did...

...2 sets of birthday cookies...
(The other set was for Kristen, who is one of my biggest fans and all she wanted for her birthday was some Sweet B's cookies!  But I didn't get any good pictures of hers!!  I tried snapping some this morning at 7:15 before I sent them with Bonnie to work, but apparently the photographer in me doesn't wake up that early because the pictures were blurry!  Sorry, Kristen!)

... 20 baby cookies...

(I can never decide what design I like best.  I asked Bonnie which designs were her favorite and she said, " I really like that one...and that one...and that one.  I like all of them!"  That didn't help me at all, which most of the time, she's extremely helpful!!
So, which one do YOU like?  Leave me a comment and let me know!)

...4 dozen cookies for Julie at Minuteman Press...
(I'm getting new business cards with the logo I designed.  And I'm using Minutemen Press in Newnan, GA.  Can't wait to show you my logo and the cards!)

...camo cookies for almost 8 year-old Alex...

 AND 120 cookies for an event my dad's church was hosting
(although I forgot to take pictures of those - sometimes my brain can only handle so much). 

This week doesn't look like it's going to be as busy (for now) which means I need to spend some time and energy prepping for Masters week!!  (It's just 2 weeks away!)
So, happy baking to me!


  1. I like the squares inside the squares. But they all look tasty! And although I'm not a big fan of camo in general, a cookie version of it is impressive. I don't think I've ever seen a camo cookie! You are one of a kind!

  2. My faves were the 30 with the polka dot around it, the cursiv lower case letter "logan", and the block initials with the dot border around it. I love the rectangular cookies turned horizontally. That's my fave shape I think. I think the camo cookies were precious for a little boys birthday!